Historic Tax Credits

Leverage Law Group has developed significant experience in the use of Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits (“HTCs”) to subsidize the rehabilitation of historically significant buildings in order to preserve the historic qualities of these structures while adapting them for modern uses. HTCs are federal income tax credits that, upon satisfaction of the requisite rehabilitation criteria, inure to the benefit of the owners of the historical structure. These HTCs may also be “passed through” to tenants of the building through a master lease structure.

Leverage Law Group represents participants at all levels of HTC transactions, including investors and developers, as well as community development entities participating in combined NMTC and HTC structures. As part of the firm’s representation, Leverage Law Group is responsible for structuring transactions, reviewing due diligence materials generally and those unique to HTC transactions, and preparing operating agreements, leases, loan documents, indemnities and all other required documentation.

The attorneys of the firm have demonstrated unique expertise in the combination of HTC and NMTC structures to maximize the use of available tax credit subsidies. These projects have resulted in the successful closing of nationally acclaimed historic projects for non-profit and for-profit developers around the country.